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Founded in 2011, by Swedish-born independent Actor

and Graphic Designer, David Nordenstridh.

King of Dandy™ operates as a creative platform for

selfproduced artistic projects within the fields of Culture & Design.

Each King of Dandy Arts Project is the result of creative

exploration and intend to serve as a means of artistic growth as well as

an Actors Showcase, promoting David Nordenstridh's talent and craft.






I'm presently working on part two of a satirical

side project outside of KoD.

Bitterness: Love's Poison.




"Nordenstridh - Acting Solos" presents another

Classical Monologue. This time from Emily Brontë's Wuthering Heights!

Lend me your ears...




KOD launches a new project under the banner

"Nordenstridh - Acting Solos".

Premiering Marcus Antonius famous funeral speech from Shakespeare's Julius Caesar,

Act III. Scene II.

Bergman on Steroids!




I'm proud to give you the translated, reworked and intensified brand new English version of Ingmar Bergman's epic "Cat Scene" form the Swedish classic movie, HETS (1944), aka Torment (US), Frenzy (UK).

Bringing Classy Back!


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